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Smart manufacturing adoption accelerated by 50% in 2021

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A recent study has shown that the need for smart manufacturing technology has increased to address supply chain and workforce-related challenges originated or intensified by the pandemic.  

The study, done by Hanover Research, surveyed more than 300 manufacturers from various industries, including automotive, aerospace, food and beverages, plastic and rubber, precision metal forming, electronics, and consumer goods.

Key highlights

More than 83% said that smart manufacturing adoption needs to be accelerated

New industrial IoT technologies have the power to solve critical industry challenges while being a key factor in shaping future success.

61% said that they do not have a risk mitigation plan

Skilled workforce shortage, supply chain management, and risk mitigation, among many others, require a new approach.  

Smart manufacturing adoption grew by 50% last year  

And will continue to grow in 2022. Once classified as “overhyped”, smart manufacturing technology is now being used to solve complex manufacturing industry efficiency problems. Technologies regarding industrially hardened devices, process automation, machine learning, and cloud are becoming invaluable, helping companies solve challenges related to skilled worker shortages, risk mitigation, and increasingly intricate supply chain management. 64% of organizations concur that they can fuel growth and reduce hiring challenges in the next five years with such advanced technologies.

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