Boost manufacturing with machine learning

Machine data is the key to improving overall equipment effectiveness. A combination of machine learning and hands-on operational expertise makes your facilities future-proof.

FactoryPal is by your side to upgrade your shop floor to Industry 4.0, and beyond.  

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FactoryPal - the power of AI and human expertise

Today, with the maturity of machine learning and connectivity (IIoT), reducing machine downtime and maximizing profitability without major investments is a choice.

FactoryPal is a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) offering a sophisticated machine learning algorithm
which provides actionable insights for improvements in various verticals learned from unified machine and ERP data, and is fine-tuned to constantly optimize for OEE, factory wide.  

FactoryPal shop floor consultants guide you on your digitization journey providing change management, industry best practices, as well as deployment and rollout support.

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FactoryPal has become a strategic partner in our digital factory transformation journey, integrating seamlessly with our existing system-landscapes and optimizing our OEE in an impactful and sustainable way.

Stefan Pfannkuchen
Head of Corporate Technology & Processes

High acceptance rate by shop floor teams

Machine operators like FactoryPal for its friendly look, easy navigation, and intuitive handling.

The high acceptance rate showcases the usability of our solutions and the positive impact they bring to your shop floor. The user-centric experience and easy-to-follow recommendations from our machine learning algorithm allow for more focus time on core tasks, and less on paper-based documentation, and therefore is gladly adopted by operators.

Feedback, training, and analysis enable your teams to level-up their approach to production processes. Establish a mode of constant and automated optimization, driven by your shop floor teams.  

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State-of-the-art technology and user experience

Keep track of optimal centerline settings

Check parameters, performance, and technical issues in one central user interface. Visualize the processes that connect management, shop floor teams, and machines.  

Enable your team to keep an eye on the shop floor from wherever they are.

Keep Operators Connected

Operators are always kept up to date with the FactoryPal companion mobile App. Accepted and rejected parameters are a tap away.

Maximize OEE and profitability with our solutions and real-time data from your machines

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