Boost your manufacturing OEE with AI

Cut down on production losses due to unplanned downtimes, speed-loss, micro-stops and more by combining our technology with your teams' operational expertise. Machine data isn’t a buzzword. It’s today’s key to unlocking better OEE. FactoryPal is your partner in upgrading your shop floor to Industry 4.0.

How WEPA increases OEE with FactoryPal
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Reduce machine unplanned downtimes

While planned maintenance is inevitable, unplanned downtime is avoidable and costly. Our solutions reduce bottleneck speed losses, mechanical and electrical problems, slow change overs and lack of staff, issues with paper and material shortage, and more.

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Maximize OEE and profitability with our solutions and your existing machines

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FactoryPal Boost

Increase OEE by automating ideal centerline recommendations.


Optimize line performance with our real-time recommendations


Increase percentage points in OEE with our AI-based algorithm


Enable shop floors team to learn quicker on optimizing lines

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FactoryPal Live

Create better data through easy or automated downtime documentation.


Create transparency and improve downtime data accuracy


Reduce documentation time and effort by up to 50%


See real-time data visualization of line and shift performance

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FactoryPal Insight

Get custom built dashboards and focus on your core production needs.


Discover bottlenecks and improvements with dashboards


Analyze downtime and speed loss across entire production line


Gain insight between production performance, lines, and products

Our solutions are empowering

Leading industry customers
Smart production lines
Active shop floor users
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FactoryPal has become a strategic partner in our digital factory transformation journey, integrating seamlessly with our existing system-landscapes and optimizing our OEE in an impactful and sustainable way.

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Stefan Pfannkuchen
Head of Corporate Technology & Processes
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