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A smart solution architecture is the basis for smooth operations. FactoryPal’s architecture supports business, information, and technical excellence, furthermore it guarantees information available across devices and transparency across teams.

FactoryPal Solution Landscape
FactoryPal Boost

FactoryPal Boost

The Boost solution is laser-focused on centerline efficiency and built to constantly optimize machine settings for the highest OEE. Boosting OEE by machine learning is at the core of our solution.

Seize your opportunity to increase at least 5% points in OEE with an AI-based algorithm that holistically analyzes each individual production lines' data for every specific production run. OEE reductions are primarily driven by a more stable production at increased speed and at constant quality, depicted by up to 50% less downtimes.

Empower your process engineers to digitalize the centerlining process and machine operators with our mobile app to keep full control over the machine parameter settings. This increased control allows as well to use your machine assets more flexibly with more products at > 10% reduced change over times.

Features included in FactoryPal Boost

Centerline recommendations

Optimize your line performance with real-time notifications when production parameters are deviating from the algorithmically defined centerline. Operators can apply the recommendations and provide feedback to ensure a smoother production run optimized for speed and stability.

Centerline management

Boost the efficiency of your operations by using data intelligence combined with machine learning to provide automatic recommendations on optimal centerline parameters per product/ machine.
Discover a best-match version and correlating parameters to improve settings based on past performance

Centerline adoption

Monitor the adoption of recommended parameter values to match the calculated centerline. Your shop floor teams actively take part in improving efficiency per product/ machine by providing parameter feedback and revisions.

Production status

Bring data from your ERP system and integrate your production plan to observe real-time status and statistics of your production batch. Empower your operations teams in their daily work and make product specifications accessible where they need it.

Activity log

Logging all activities by hand is error prone and tedious. An automatic log of all digital shift activities helps you better understand shift dynamics so you can optimize more efficiently.

FactoryPal Live

The Live solution is for those who want to digitize their shop floor and obtain a digital real-time view of daily operations.

Live transforms your production to meet Industry 4.0 standards with live visualizations of your shift performance, real-time shift KPIs and state-of-the-art automated downtime reporting enhanced with qualitative context. Our digital approach to documentation reduces time and effort by up to 50%.

You can see the real-time status of your production from anywhere in the world.

FactoryPal Live

Features included in FactoryPal Live

Real-time shift analytics

Get a live overview on your production status, volume, speed and performance losses. Visualize real-time shift KPI's and historic performance of your manufacturing lines.

Downtime documentation

Enrich your machine data with qualitative operator input (e.g. downtime reasons and comments) to generate top-notch downtime reports – simplify future troubleshooting and save time and resources.

Shift handover

Digitize your teams shift handover by generating holistic reports with minimal effort and standardized KPIs. Eliminate unreliable paper-based reporting and time-consuming double work.

Daily overview

Study daily production statistics in one comprehensive view: production volume, production speed, line availability, downtimes, alarms, and more.

Top downtimes

Zoom in on major production breakdowns and issues; analyze what caused interruptions and reduced speed in the past days, this will give you insights on what is causing most downtimes, so you can better plan ahead.

FactoryPal Insight

Insight is a cutting-edge analytics solution uncovering the full potential of your shop floor data for maximum manufacturing efficiency. Insight works best in synergy with Live & Boost, preparing data sets for easy to understand visualizations with out-of-the-box analysis on downtimes, production performance and machine alarms to quickly identify bottlenecks in your production process.

Build custom dashboards to focus on what is important for your production needs.

FactoryPal Insight

Features included in FactoryPal Insight

OEE bridge

Production performance at one glance – clearly visualize how your machines are performing and where the biggest production losses and bottlenecks occur. Efficiently plan improvement initiatives and focus on the right topics to increase OEE.

Downtime analysis

Analyze the downtime (planned and unplanned) and speed loss across the entire production line. Identify the machines causing the biggest problems and gain insights on how to improve machine uptime and performance.

Alarm analysis

Automated analysis of machine alarms with anomaly functionality easily presented in a heatmap. It allows an early identification of problems and systematic planning of maintenance.

Product performance analysis

Closely monitor your production performance – not only by production line but also per product. Discover issues related to the production of specific products.

Custom analytics dashboards

Level up your performance analytics with custom dashboards. Connect KPIs and metrics across your production line and reveal new insights.

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