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At FactoryPal, we are changing the world through AI Powered manufacturing. We are builders, dreamers and innovators driven by data and results.

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Our collaborative culture

We are never set.

Our way of working, the tools we use and the processes we follow constantly change and evolve. We are open to every new proposal because we love to make things better!

We embrace a learning culture.

We believe that sharing ideas, concerns and suggesting improvements, helps us getting better together. Giving and receiving constructive feedback elevates our working practice and increases the quality of our products.

We are committed to our customers and users.

Our users work in contexts that are unlike ours. They have different responsibilities, goals, and challenges than us. We continuously interact with our users to understand their needs, perspectives and experiences when engaging with our products. Ultimately, we are successful when we help our users reach their goals and build products that drive business impact for our customers.

We create space for dedicated
focus work.

We want to use our time and energy intentionally so we actually get things done. Keeping meetings short and action-oriented allows us to work effectively as a team. Preventing meeting madness from happening is key. So wherever possible, we use asynchronous formats of communication to avoid unnecessary meetings all together.

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From the digital transformation perspective, I see the huge potential FactoryPal’s products can bring to the manufacturing industry. FactoryPal is a startup which means there’s a lot of opportunities to grow, as well as develop and explore new things within an agile environment. At the same time, it has the support of a big company, Körber, which is important to me since this leverages the success.

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Karina 🇨🇴
Sr. Consultant Digital Manufacturing
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I believe that FactoryPal is on the way to reshape the manufacturing industry – which is super motivating! I have a lot of development opportunities and from the first day onwards I've been supported in all possible ways. Working at FactoryPal challenges me, but there's a lot of flexibility because it was important for me to have a good work-life balance. Since I just moved here from Istanbul, I go out to discovery the exciting city of Berlin!

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Oguzhan 🇹🇷
Sr. Consultant Digital Manufacturing
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I really appreciate the team environment! I can talk to people, everyone is approachable. Overall the mood is very good and there’s no hierarchy within the team. When it comes to the technical part, I can decide on my own stack to solve the problems I am tackling. In terms of tech stack, we’re currently working on architectural changes. It will be exciting!

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Ahsan 🇵🇰
Sr. Backend Developer

Why people
love working at FactoryPal

We care about you, especially about your personal and professional growth! Get a glimpse of what we have to offer.


FactoryPals take care of their own projects, work independently, and are proactive.

Flexible Work

Home or office? You choose where you want to work revolutionizing AI-
powered manufacturing.

Generous days off

Make your friends jealous with 30 days off per year!

Budget for Training

You can use it to learn new skills, upgrade existing ones.

Performance Bonus

We are firm believers that if you work hard, you should play harder!

Competitive Salary

Our AI is a direct descendent of Machine Learning royalty. So yeah, we are able to offer a very competitive salary.

Our tech stack

Join us! Let’s build the next big thing together.

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