The manufacturing revolution starts with FactoryPal!

We bring together operational shop floor excellence with machine learning to achieve performance improvements through actionable insights and expert shop floor consulting. Our digital solutions are fine tuned for optimizing manufacturing processes leading to efficiency gains in production line/ machine performance and overall profitability.

Factory Pal pitch

From innovation process to venture

Coming out on top of Körber Digital's rigorous innovation process, FactoryPal was picked among several shortlisted ideas. With the potential to become an independent venture with tremendous business potential – the objective: revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

The corporate venture was formed at the beginning of 2020, with dedicated leadership ramping up the initial team by 50% by the end of 2020.

Our innovation process

Leadership team

Dr. Nadja Hatzijordanou

Chief Executive Officer

"FactoryPal is defining the future of manufacturing together with our customers and the passionate people working here."

Dr. Andreas Schilling

Chief Technology Officer

"My ambition with FactoryPal is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, which hasn't reached its full potential yet. We leverage data and machine learning combined with modern web and mobile technologies to hide the immense underlying complexity from the users."

André Skerlavaj

Vice President of Operations

“FactoryPal is set to lead the Digital Transformation on industrial companies’ shop floors. With my dedication to transform industrial operations, I want to drive and contribute to this digital revolution, which happens now.”