Did you know manufacturers can gain 50% of the time needed for downtime documentation back?

While planned maintenance is inevitable, unplanned downtime is avoidable and costly. In this Case Study, learn how WEPA used FactoryPal’s smart manufacturing solutions to increase their OEE by:

  • Condensing and converting data into actionable insights and putting it in the hands of the right people at the right time

  • Giving machine operators real-time machine metrics to better access information and improve their decision-making ability easily and speedily

  • Decreasing speed-loss and unplanned downtimes through the standardisation of data, and making analysis simple and fruitful on an unprecedented scale

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Real-time shift analytics. Get a live overview on your production status, volume, speed and performance losses.
Downtime documentation. Enrich your machine data with qualitative operator: simplify future troubleshooting, save time and resources.
Shift handover. Say goodbye to unreliable paper-based reporting and time-consuming double work.
Daily overview. Study daily production statistics in one comprehensive view: production volume, production speed, line availability, downtimes, alarms, and more.