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Spotlight on Success: FactoryPal's Client Story Featured in Austrian Industry Magazine

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FactoryPal is thrilled to share that its collaboration with WEPA, a leading European manufacturer of sustainable hygiene paper products, has been featured in an Austrian industry magazine, This article highlights WEPA's journey towards digital transformation in the tissue manufacturing sector, showcasing how FactoryPal's innovative solutions have digitalized WEPA's production processes.

Through this partnership, WEPA implemented a comprehensive digitalization solution for their converting machines, aiming for greater transparency and efficiency across their production lines. The implementation of FactoryPal's solution marked a significant step towards Industry 4.0, enabling real-time performance visualizations, shift metrics, and automated downtime reporting. This collaboration not only reduced documentation time by 50% but also ensured 100% machine run time documentation, significantly boosting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

This success story exemplifies FactoryPal's commitment to driving digital transformation in manufacturing, paving the way for future advancements, including the use of AI for optimizing production processes.

The original article can be found in German here.