Predictions for the hottest topics at Tissue World 2022

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Anthony Lewis

Sr. Consulting Lead

For the first time in over four years, the global tissue market will finally come together, in-person, at Tissue World Miami 2022. Tissue World Miami exists to connect innovative products, services, and technologies with decision-makers at the forefront of the tissue industry.  

Digitalization (as implementation, not a buzzword)

Since Tissue World last met in-person, the landscape and industry has changed due to a pandemic and the ever-accelerating pace of tech development, specifically digitalization of the factory. As tissue manufacturers and suppliers begin to come out of “digital pilots”, they’re gaining more clarity of the impacts and use cases for digitalizing certain areas of production that ultimately leads to better OEE.  While the industry can be well automated on the plant floor, new challenges and opportunities are developing from IT/OT (operational technology) synergies. The organization, security, ease of access to data and its quality is essential for tissue manufacturers to thrive and create value in the digital age, reduce risk, and better upskill their people for the shift to shop floor digitization in the coming years.  


Sustainability is now moving into both an opportunity and threat for tissue manufacturers. Water scarcity, energy management, and carbon footprint are all forces that are potentially being mandated and impacting how tissue manufacturers operate. These forces are moving beyond short-term financial impacts and more into regulatory and long-term viability of assets. Having a “Sustainability Roadmap” will become more of a necessity to help tissue manufacturers plan and invest for the long term.

The sessions we’re looking forward to

There’s plenty to choose from, but here’s 3 we hope to attend:

Tissue Markets Overview and Forces that Will Shape the Next 5 Years  

This session will focus on issues that will shape the near term, including capacity, machine technology trends, input costs, supply chain issues, and increasing customer focus on sustainability issues, especially carbon and water intensity.

How New Technologies Are Helping Tissue Converters Increase OEE, Product Differentiation And Sustainability – Koerber Tissue USA Pete Augustine  

This session will discuss new technologies aimed to align sustainability, efficiency, and profitability goals in tissue converting:

  • Virtual line supervisors that can autoregulate and guarantee consistent quality, performance and reduction of waste
  • Hot embossing technology aimed to increase firmness and volume, while using less energy and space
  • Sustainable packaging solution that supports fast growing e-commerce channel
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to boost production efficiency with artificial intelligence

Operational resilience in a Post-Pandemic, Digitalized World for Strategic Advantage

We are at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, digitalization. Industries are changing, risks are evolving, and operational resilience has taken on a new meaning. Understanding, coordinating, and maturing an operational risk resilience program can make for a distinct advantage against competitors if executed properly. It is going to be essential for success.

Come say hello, grab a drink, maybe win a prize…

Come see us at stand G72 from 16th-18th March 2022. If you’d like to book a meeting with us, click here.

On the Friday, we’ll be hosting Happy Hour drinks from 2:30 to 4:00pm, and we’ll be hosting a raffle some for some very cool tech wear!

Tickets for Tissue World 2022 are still available here.