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FactoryPal Launches New Feature to Help Manufacturers Improve Shop Floor Efficiency

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February 2, 2023 – FactoryPal has developed a new functionality that allows factories to get a better real-time digital view of daily operations and aims to help improve shop floor productivity. The Multiple Line Sections View - inside the FactoryPal Live application - is here to make shop floor teams work more effectively with high quality data across multiple production sections.  

A Feature Built to Empower Shop Floor Teams

The Multiple Line Sections View is designed to provide a better structured monitoring and overview of the production line. It allows team members to work more focused by eliminating the need to switch between several environments. The feature offers the ability to see the impact of downtimes, lower speeds, or changes in productivity on the whole production outcome.  

With Multiple Line Sections View, shop floor teams can quickly identify issues, take more accurate actions and adjust as needed. This can help factories save time and money and improve the quality of their products. Developed based on the feedback and input of process engineers and machine operators, this new feature was created with one purpose: to make work easier for these teams and their leaders.  

"Our new functionality offers you an improved oversight for monitoring your manufacturing lines," said Dr. Nicolas Liebau, VP Product at FactoryPal. "Customers not only benefit from our flexible configuration of the manufacturing line, but also from the fact that the user can focus on the line section that is currently relevant to them. This further increases the efficiency of how operators and process engineers can work with FactoryPal.” “They love it!" - he adds.

Creating a Successful Future for Factories Through Technology

The future of factory work must be increasingly automated to improve productivity. FactoryPal Live is designed to help manufacturers to digitize their shop floor operations. The software is an innovative solution that can help factories stay competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

FactoryPal enables manufacturers to work with high-quality data by synergizing human expertise and digital intelligence. The FactoryPal architecture combines machine data with business information. This ensures that information is available across devices for transparency between teams. After all, a smart solution architecture is the foundation for successful operations. FactoryPal Live is a solution for those looking to get a real-time digital view of daily operations to evolve production processes by using Industry 4.0 standards. The main goal of this new feature is to give shop floor teams the tools they need to find solutions to their problems easily and to lower the effort of high-quality downtime documentation. This translates into remarkable progress in improving manufacturing efficiency.  

Reach out to us to learn more about the new Multiple Line Sections View and its benefits. FactoryPal will continue to build a better future for manufacturers and their shop floor teams.