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New FactoryPal Feature Helps Manufacturers Keep Track of Machine Parameter History

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February 23, 2023 – FactoryPal is excited to announce the release of Machine Setting View, an innovative new software feature designed specifically for machine operators and process engineers in the manufacturing industry. Machine Setting View is a key improvement for shop floor teams, providing the ability to see the machine parameter history of their centerlines and make better decisions for their future centerlining. The feature – inside the FactoryPal Boost application - is easy to use and intuitive, allowing users to quickly access the data and information they need.

Now Every User Can Easily Review Historic Machine Parameter Information About Product Runs

Machine Setting View was developed based on user research that showed shop floor teams were struggling to have an overview of how products had run on the line in the previous shift or the last time they ran. With Machine Setting View, every user is now able to review historic machine parameter information about product runs per parameter, meaning they can set centerlines better and accept AI centerline recommendations with more confidence and prevent errors.

“With the Machine Setting View feature, we can solve a real user pain point that has been clearly stated by our user base. Now, we can help the operator to set up the line and get even more confidence in our Boost algorithm!”, said Elena Geers, Product Owner at FactoryPal.

This new software feature provides users with a high level of visibility into the machine parameter history of their centerlines that they would otherwise not have. It eliminates the need to guess or rely on manual processes to understand how products were run in the previous shift or the last time they ran on the line. With Machine Setting View, users can easily check the past performance of their centerlines and make informed decisions about their future centerlining.  

Additionally, this new feature enables improved communication between the different shop floor teams. It allows users to easily share and discuss data and insights with one another, allowing teams to better collaborate and understand the implications of their decisions.

Faced with the limitations of a mobile application, FactoryPal decided to upgrade to a state-of-the-art micro-frontend when creating Machine Setting View. This way, the application is available in a web browser of any device and completely adaptive to different screen sizes – mobile, tablet and desktop. This web-based approach also provided the basis for accessing all FactoryPal applications via one unified URL.

How Machine Setting View Can Help Boost Manufacturing Productivity

At FactoryPal, we’re dedicated to helping our customers make their processes more efficient, and Machine Setting View is a great example of that. With this feature, process engineers and machine operators will be able to save time and make better decisions, leading to better efficiency and increased productivity.

The software is available now, and it is already being used by leading manufacturing companies to improve their processes and gain a competitive edge.  
Reach out to us to learn more about the new Machine Setting View and its benefits. FactoryPal is proud to offer this innovative software tool and is excited to see the positive impact it will have on the manufacturing industry.