Insights from the Tissue Industry: Takeaways from Tissue Summit Brazil 2024

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Tissue Summit Brazil took place last week in Sao Paulo, bringing together the industry's brightest minds and decision-makers. FactoryPal proudly sponsored and presented at this year’s event, aligning closely with the summit's forward-thinking themes of data intelligence and sustainability within the tissue manufacturing industry.  

An event bringing the tissue industry together

This year's summit saw an impressive turnout, showcasing a significant increase from the previous year. This increase in attendance underscores the event's growing importance, attracting a high number of Brazil's tissue market decision-makers and solidifying its status as an essential industry forum.  

The summit was a showcase of industry commitment, with major converting and packaging original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the likes of Valmet, TMC, Futura, Gambini, PCMC, and Stax, among others, demonstrating the event's critical role in shaping the future of tissue manufacturing.

Central themes: data intelligence and sustainability

This year, the spotlight of the summit was on data intelligence and sustainability, reflecting a shift from the previous focus solely on sustainability. Suppliers presented a range of digital offerings, highlighting the industry's pivot towards embracing digital solutions to drive sustainability goals.

FactoryPal's presentation, closely tied to the summit's themes, received widespread praise for its insightful approach and tangible results. Positioned as one of the first presentations on the second day, it captured the attention of a significant portion of the attendees, reinforcing FactoryPal's leadership in driving industry innovation.

A pivotal moment came when Mr. Fernando Pinheiro, CEO of tissue manufacturer Copapa, discussed their modernization efforts towards Industry 4.0, naming FactoryPal as a crucial partner. This endorsement sparked considerable interest in FactoryPal's role in Copapa's project, showcasing the trust and potential within such partnerships.

Mr. Fernando Pinheiro, CEO of tissue manufacturer Copapa, names FactoryPal as a crucial digitalization partner.

Digitalization & the role of AI: a new frontier in tissue manufacturing

The trend towards digital platforms was unmistakable, with OEMs and tissue producers alike moving to integrate digital solutions. The establishment of digital departments by some producers further indicates the industry's commitment to embracing the digital era.

AI's potential in revolutionizing sales, marketing, and even distribution was a recurring theme as well. Notably, Copapa's discussion on applying AI in production, in collaboration with FactoryPal, stood out as a testament to the innovative strides being made towards integrating AI into the tissue industry.

Embracing the Digital Future

Tissue Summit Brazil was a success. It was also a declaration of the tissue industry's ambitious journey towards digitalization and the strategic use of AI. FactoryPal, at the heart of this transformation, continues to lead and innovate, fostering partnerships that push the boundaries of what's possible in the tissue manufacturing industry. As we look to the future, the path is clear: embracing digitalization and AI is not just an option but a necessity for growth and sustainability in the tissue industry. FactoryPal is excited to be at the forefront of this journey, shaping a smarter, more sustainable future for tissue manufacturing.