Insights from the Tissue Industry: Takeaways from MIAC 2023

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Last week, FactoryPal exhibited alongside Körber at the MIAC conference in Lucca, a significant event for the tissue industry. What are the emerging trends shaping this sector? This blog post delves into FactoryPal’s key takeaways from the conference, focusing on the pressing issues of energy, sustainability, and digitalization.

The Energy Conundrum: Cost and Efficiency in the Tissue Industry

Energy was a prominent topic at MIAC 2023, featured in both presentations and exhibitor booths. Rising and unpredictable energy prices have heightened the urgency for energy-efficient production methods within the tissue industry. Several companies showcased projects and products aimed at tackling these challenges. Notably, these solutions serve a dual purpose: they are not only cost-effective, but also environmentally responsible.

Sustainability in the Tissue Industry: A Multi-Faceted Approach

The term"sustainability" echoed throughout MIAC 2023, appearing in numerous presentations and exhibitor focus areas. The tissue industry is confronted with several sustainability-related issues:

·       Resource Management: Aligning with global sustainability goals is now an economic necessity as well. The rising cost of raw materials makes sustainable practices financially sound.

·       Resource Efficiency: Innovations like glue-free solutions and redesigned packaging aim to use fewer resources, thereby reducing the industry's CO2 footprint.

·       Digital Solutions: The role of digitalization in sustainability is becoming increasingly evident, as data analytics tools enable better decision-making for sustainable practices. A data-driven approach empowers companies to monitor their environmental impact and to optimise their processes in real-time.

The Digital Transformation of the Tissue Industry: A Work in Progress

Digitalization in the tissue industry is still in its early stages, but momentum is building. A handful of companies at MIAC showcased digital solutions aimed at enhancing tissue production. As Eduardo De Almaida aptly stated in his presentation "Challenges and opportunities for the paper industry: the road to 2030":

"Digitalization is not the final destination; it is an aid to continuous improvement."

In light of the industry's sustainability and energy goals, continuous improvement is crucial. Data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important, providing actionable insights for informed strategy and execution.

The journey toward digital transformation is not a solo endeavor; it requires a collective effort. The industry needs more than just solutions; it needs partners who can provide the necessary tools and insights to navigate this evolving landscape.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Tissue Industry

In summary, MIAC 2023 highlighted the pressing issues of energy, sustainability, and the use of digital solutions in the tissue industry. As we look ahead, one question emerges: Will digitalization, smart factories, and Industry 4.0 be the main components of MIAC 2024? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: the industry is moving in the right direction, and FactoryPal is looking forward to being part of that journey.