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FactoryPal’s Boost App Now Available in Google Play and Apple App Stores

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FactoryPal’s Boost app is now available for its customers to download in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Boost helps to set up the production line to achieve the best performance and quality. The solution provides centerline recommendations to Operators and Process Engineers and is currently used by over 200 active shopfloor users and on 20 production lines. Powered by machine learning, the Boost solution continuously increases OEE of production lines by analyzing each individual production lines' data. Operators and Process Engineers have the option to either reject or accept Boost’s recommendations based on their expertise. As the Boost algorithm learns over time of production lines’ weak points (such as downtimes and speed loss), the better its recommendations. For some our customers, Boost has helped to reduce unplanned downtimes by 50% which leads to an increase in OEE by 5 percentage points or more.

Boost also tackles one of a company’s most costly challenges of demographic risks, which happens when an experienced employee leaves the company or becomes unavailable to work. Boost stores employee knowledge long-term in its AI models, therefore helping to onboard new employees faster and minimize errors and downtimes with lesser experienced staff.

FactoryPal Boost moves centerlining into Industry 4.0. Centerlining has been applied to production lines for decades; in a first digitalization step Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enabled moving away from pen and paper. Now, with the modern IoT, we can work with much more fine granular information based on the machines’ sensors. Of course, with more information, the solution space becomes much larger – too complex to be handled by the human brain. By leveraging advanced machine learning, Boost can recommend superior centerlines to operators, leading to OEE improvements of 5 percentage points and more.

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